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The application is developed using the Laravel framework. It has all the essential features required by a small business or an enterprise-level business. Standard Invoicing, Subscription, Easy POS with Mobile Support, Quotations, and Credit Notes Stock Purchase Manager, Inventory Management & Transfer, Client and Supplier Management, Tasks & Project Management, Accounts with Custom Types and Dual Entry, Vast Data and Reports, and Employee Management with Custom User Roles It has options for all types of taxes, like exclusive, inclusive, and GST.
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Client Management

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Subscriptions/Invoice Module

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Stock Management

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big data Realtime management Solutions.
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Various Analysis Options to integration.
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what we offer through our analytical services

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Customer Management

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Point of Sale Management

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Invoice Management

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Payments Management

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Stock Management

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Accounts & Transactions

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Project & Task Manager

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Reporting & Analytics

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Curve Line

we provide power of data science & transforming

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